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Cronometro Mozzafiato Type V

Cronometro Mozzafiato Type V

Hefðbundið verð 349.000 ISK
Hefðbundið verð Útsöluverð 349.000 ISK
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"The Rocket Mozzafiato Type V is a perfect mix between the best technology in the coffee world and the beautiful design that Rocket has accustomed us. The machine is a single boiler heat exchanger coffee machine with the iconic E61 group and a PID to control the temperature. The copper boiler has a 1.8 L capacity and it allows you to brew and steam simultaneously. Feeding the boilers is one of the most silent Vibration pumps in its class, even though, if you want the most silent option you should probably go for a Rotatory pump in the Evoluzione R version. The Mozzafaito also comes with a built-in shot timer and a hidden PID for you to choose the best brewing and steaming temperature. The E61 group head seen in other models in the Rocket line-up has been modified by Rocket in order to allow a 1-second pre-infusion time before the coffee extraction, a feature typically seen in the highest class professional coffee machines. The Mozzafiato has the classic sleek design that we are used to in the coffee machine world, however, should you want something more original Rocket does offer the Giotto Timer Type V. The Giotto has more angular shaped side panels which give the machine a hexagon-shaped look.


Design: we love the technological features that this machine has fitted in and how they manage to combine all this with a minimalistic design.

Features: with this machine, you get a PID, a Shot-timer, and a 1.8 L Heat exchanger boiler. This is a true prosumer device with a good overall price for the offering."

Breidd 280 mm
Dýpt 425 mm
Hæð 400 mm
Þyngd 25,4 kg.
Ketill Hitaskiptir - Kopar/látún
Rúmmál ketils 1,8 L
Greip 58 mm
Vött 1350
Grúppa E61
Vatnstankur 2,5 L
Efni Stál
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