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R Cinquantotto

R Cinquantotto

Hefðbundið verð 459.000 ISK
Hefðbundið verð Útsöluverð 459.000 ISK
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"Now at its second generation, the R “Cinquantotto” shows a facelifted body that continues the design philosophy of the previous generation. The main visual change with this new machine comes with the new feet, much more linear in the design compared to the previous ones. Another new feature is a multi-function PAD (that’s how they call it at Rocket). Just like the previous one, this new PID is not integrated into the coffee machine like in other models of its class which we appreciate since you can still choose whether to have it plugged in or not. Rocket told us that they kept this option in order to give the possibility to the owner to make use of the functionalities when needed but to also enjoy the simplicity of the design when the PAD is not needed. 

Unlike the previous PID, the new one features a new USB connection instead of the outdated DVI-D and a high-resolution touch screen. Through the new highly intuitive menu you can change the temperature of both boilers, set the timer for turn on/shut down any day of the week, and turn off either one of the boilers.

The adjustable feet seen in the previous generation have been substituted by new and more angular feet which we believe are very original and fit perfectly with the machine’s design. Inside its business as usual: one 0.58 L brew boiler and one 1.8 L steam boiler. Feeding the boilers is an extremely quiet Rotatory pump with the option to connect the machine directly to the waterline.


The PAD: the PID is extremely intuitive and the touch screen is as user friendly as the latest generation smartphones. We find particularly useful the option to program the wake up/shut down of the coffee machine each day of the week and the easy setting of the temperature for each of the two boilers. The new USB is also very practical since, unlike the previous generation, you can unplug it both when the machine is on or off."

Breidd 310 mm
Dýpt 440 mm
Hæð 385 mm
Þyngd 29 kg.
Ketill Tvöfaldur - Kopar/látún
Rúmmál ketils 2,38 L (0,58 + 1,8)
Greip 58 mm
Vött 1600
Grúppa E61
Vatnstankur 2,5 L
Efni Stál
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